Who are these people?

Do you ever just wonder about the sheer number of people in the world? I mean, there are billions of them. They all have their own thoughts, their own problems, hopes, dreams, and desires. They all rush around in this crazy chaotic world, just like we do. But they aren’t us. They are somebody else. Somebody completely different and all of them were created for a purpose.

As a child I had difficulty differentiating myself from others. I assumed that what I felt, or thought about, others did too. Learning about everybody’s own individuality amazed me. It still does.

Looking around the world, I find it easy to see God’s handiwork in nature, and in the pure beauty of an ocean, a mountain, a soft rain, and oh my, the stars on a clear night. I can get totally lost in the magic of our earthly home and the breathtaking masterpieces that God has created.

What about people? For one, there are so many of them. There are a kajillion souls and personalities just wandering around this planet. I have often thought and even questioned if this was God’s plan. So many people? But as I flip through my Bible I know from His written word that it must be. Be fruitful and multiply, He says in the Bible, and surely we have been doing exactly that. Some of us more than others, because some of us have difficulties in the fertility department. His word is clear though, His will is for us to reproduce.

I often watch people, I see them at the store, in the park, in cars on the highway, and I wonder about their lives. There are so many of us that it is absolutely mind blowing to think that we were all created for a purpose. That God formed us from nothing into something, all of us unique and special in our own ways. The mathematical odds of how each person is even alive is a miracle that almost makes my mind hurt, just thinking about it. Just stop and think about how you could not be you! Out of the billions of people in the world, the two people who came together to make you, did. Pretty cool. But on top of that, their parents did as well, and grandparents, and so forth. Mess up just one part of this chain, and poof….. You would not be here, you or your future descendents. Wow. As fragile as human life is, I say that you being you and everything lining up to the perfect moment of your conception is a miracle. And your conception? What if your parents didn’t come together when they did to make you? No you. What if out of the millions of sperm cells your father made, a different one had made it to your mother’s egg? Yep, you guessed it, you would not be you. Add to that, that your momma was born with millions of eggs already in her ovaries, and out of those eggs, the chance that she ovulated the one to make you, after meeting your father and them getting busy at just the right time? Just to make you? Any fluctuation in any of this would of resulted in no you. So the bottom line is, you are a miracle. You being you is a gift. God wanted you, made you, chose you. Isn’t that mind blowing? That you are even here in the first place is a testament to your importance. We are all miracles, and if we could just grasp that concept, then maybe we would begin to act like the miracles we are. To fulfill our God given purposes for which we were created in the first place. When you begin to see yourself as a miracle, all the little things that are unimportant just fade away, but the little things we often overlook begin to get the credit deserved. We spend far too much time consumed by things that will not matter when we are gone, and not enough time focusing on what we can leave behind for other miracles to come, like a better world.

So I continue to people watch. To imagine all the lives of everyone I see that I may never see again, all the people that rush along with their own lives and agendas, their goals and their setbacks, their hopes and their problems. I look at these random strangers and I try to love them, even if for only a moment.

Try looking at a random person today, one that you might just overlook. Just take a quick look and just think, God created that miracle, God loves that miracle, that miracle is my brother or sister in God’s family. That miracle is here for a reason, and I’m happy they are. It’s amazing how you can suddenly feel love and wonder for someone you don’t even know, and may never know.

From childhood I watched and wondered about everyone I passed by, and I think I was on the brink of something wonderful, that I am just starting to understand. People really matter, every single one of us, and we are all part of one big miracle called life. We are a miracle family.

So who are these people? I stood on an overpass overlooking traffic, catching glimpses of people rushing by in their vehicles. I stood their for a moment taking it all in. Who are these people? It’s simple but so wonderfully complicated. These people are miracles.

We are the miracle of miracles, the great inscrutable mystery of God. –Thomas Carlyle

God bless,

Nay Towell

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