Choose Life

I thought I would just write today, while watching the rain dance across my bedroom window, just to see what words decide to come out. I feel all bottled up and ready for everything to pour out. The words, they spill. They bubble up and over, I speak them, I write them, then they wash … More Choose Life


There are two things in our lives that can dominate our thoughts, and both are contagious. Spreading rapidly, they can quickly incorporate their patterns into the very fiber of our being, wrapping tendrils of influence throughout the very mechanisms of our brain. They can change our day completely, with the ability to turn it around, … More Contagious

No Tomorrow

There is no perfect tomorrow. There is only today, and while it may not be perfect, it is time for you to act. Life is not perfect, this present life anyway. Life is a beautiful, horrible, tangled mess that sometimes makes you jump for joy, and at other times knocks you flat on your back. … More No Tomorrow

The Dream Key

The door looms in the distance. Large, ornate, beautiful. Forever and a day is how long it seems that it has taken to get here. You see it as you get closer, almost as if the door, the dream door, is beckoning you. You have walked down this seemingly never ending corridor, and gazed longingly … More The Dream Key

The Sneak

The secret burns inside you, and it makes you miserable. Hiding from the world, all of the guilt, the shame, the remorse, it simmers inside of you. You hate it. You hate yourself. Lies about this. Lies about that. All of it, building up, threatening to spill over, to escape and destroy this perfectly fake … More The Sneak


She opens her eyes for the day, clear beautiful eyes, and instantly she wants to close them. She wants to go back to sleep. She is not ready for today, she is not ready for her mounting responsibilities, she is not ready to pretend to be happy with her tired routine. She is not ready … More Evolve

What You Never Knew

What if I told you a story about the worst days of your life? Would you listen? Or would you close your eyes, refusing to read the words that remind you of your pain? Your shame? Your heartbreak? The tales of our disappointments are not usually our favorite topics to rehash or reminisce about. We … More What You Never Knew