Behind Her Back

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a very beautiful flower. This was no ordinary flower, in fact, this flower had an ability that others craved, yet did not understand. She had a light that shined for all to see, and the kinder she was, the brighter her light and […]



Are you aware that life as you know it may be over? Are you aware that some of your routines, rituals, and habits may have been disrupted forever? Are you aware that this is totally okay? Are you really aware? The world is changing. Evolving, racing forward, and it is hard to keep up. In […]

The Choice

Do you find yourself struggling to find the solution to your problems? All of them? This world’s and your own? The answers seem to be right there, or so it seems. Right there, in front of you, just dangling out of reach. The solutions tickle your mind, teasing, almost torturing you with their elusiveness, and […]

I See You…

I see you over there. Yes, you. I see you struggling to hold it together. I see the face you choose to show the world, but I also see the face hidden underneath it all. I see you. I see the face of fear. Crippling in it’s intensity, almost bordering on panic. Your fear brightened, […]

The Fixer

Are you a Fixer? Do you spend a large portion of your day completing tasks, big and small, some noticeable and some not so much, in order to make life a little easier for others around you? Do you find yourself wondering, at the conclusion of your day, where all your time flew off to? […]

Leap Of Faith

When is the last time you took a leap of faith? You know, that blind jump, that first step onto unsure ground, that terrifying forward bound into no man’s land? Have you ever? A leap of faith requires courage, trust and a confidence that you will land safely. The problem with this is that we […]


I am so out of touch with reality, but more real than I have ever been. A hoper of hopes, and a dreamer of dreams, I want more than I have, and long for more than you know. I simply want more. I want more people to be aware that this world is not as […]