The Fixer

Are you a Fixer? Do you spend a large portion of your day completing tasks, big and small, some noticeable and some not so much, in order to make life a little easier for others around you? Do you find yourself wondering, at the conclusion of your day, where all your time flew off to? … Continue reading The Fixer

Leap Of Faith

When is the last time you took a leap of faith? You know, that blind jump, that first step onto unsure ground, that terrifying forward bound into no man's land? Have you ever? A leap of faith requires courage, trust and a confidence that you will land safely. The problem with this is that we … Continue reading Leap Of Faith


There are two things in our lives that can dominate our thoughts, and both are contagious. Spreading rapidly, they can quickly incorporate their patterns into the very fiber of our being, wrapping tendrils of influence throughout the very mechanisms of our brain. They can change our day completely, with the ability to turn it around, … Continue reading Contagious