Letting Go

Do not be so afraid. Do not be so frustrated. Sometimes the most progress is being made when everything seems to be standing still. I’ve been alone in the middle of a large crowd for a long time. I’ve been stuck in the same spot, feeling lonely while simultaneously being surrounded by people. At a … More Letting Go


Watchers. The people who are always watching others, wondering, imagining, guessing about their lives, their hopes and their dreams. I am a watcher of people. I can sit on a park bench for hours, writing in a notebook, randomly watching people walk by, making up stories about them in my head, always wondering how far … More Watchers

Bridges To Burn

Mistakes will happen. Accidentally, or on purpose, sometimes mistakes are unavoidable, but they are valuable experiences if we choose to learn from them. You see, it is our choice to learn or not to learn, to pull something tangible from the wreckage of a choice gone wrong, to rescue any hope from a self-made or … More Bridges To Burn

Catch Me…

I finally figured it out. It’s so simple, yet the simplicity of it confused me for far too long. I fought along, flailed along, dangling by a thread for most of my life, all because I refused to be caught. You see, yesterday it hit me all at once, like a ton of bricks. I’ve … More Catch Me…